My Beastly Husband: Chapter 6

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Editor: Kongo Isamu

Chapter 6

 So the two of them formed a party and chatted on the way there. With Rui En leading the way, Mosha managed to gather a tidy number of wild berries in no time. However she was unable to find what she was really looking for.

Dumbass! Mosha scolded herself. It’s spring now, that type of seeds can only be found in autumn. What was I thinking?

Tugging on Rui En’s sleeves, she stopped his search.

When he tilted his head to look at her, she asked, “Are there any plants that produce a soft and fluffy material?”

Rui En thought for a moment before looking around. He gestured to a small plant and said “that must be it”. We call those white dumplings. Its fruits are white, soft and fluffy. The birds love putting those in their nests.

Mosha was elated. That must be the cotton plant! Although she has never seen one before, based on Rui En’s description, that must be it.

 She hurriedly knelt down and dug a cluster of the plants up together with the surrounding soil and carefully place it into her basket. 

Rui En got curious at her actions and questioned “why are you digging them? They can’t be eaten!”

Without lifting her head, Mosha answered proudly “I’m not consuming them. I’m making clothes out of them. When I succeed, I’ll make a set for you too.”


What was the difference between clothes and beast-skin skirt? Rui En had no clue. Even so, his heart  warmed up when Mosha said she would make a set of clothes for him. Rui En was determined to dig up all the ‘white dumplings’ he comes across when hunting later on.

After Mosha was done with the ‘white dumplings’, her gaze fell onto a patch of sweet potatoes.

“Sweet potatoes! They actually have them here.” She recognized them after having planted uncountable numbers of them at the orphanage.

After Mosha dug them up, she hurried back to the tribe to have breakfast. Her rattan basket was filled to the brim. Satisfied with their bountiful harvest, the duo went back merrily.


Because they hadn’t gone far, they reached the tribe after a short walk. Not having eaten breakfast, Mosha’s stomach started growling. Being thoughtful of Rui En’s injury, she offered him breakfast at her place. Both of them entered the hut and Mosha proceeded to cook up a pot of bone soup seasoned with some berries.

While Mosha was keeping herself busy, Rui En sat in a corner and observed Mosha. He couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit jealous of Er Xi. How was he deserving of Mosha when he hadn’t done anything. It was obviously him who brought Mosha back. How did Mosha ended up being given to Er Xi?

The meal was prepared in no time and Mosha served a bowl of soup to Rui En. After having a sip, Rui En muttered “Un. It’s delicious, really delicious.”


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