My Beastly Husband: Chapter 5

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Editor: Kongo Isamu

Chapter 5


Just when Mosha walked to the entrance of the tribe, her name was called out.

“Mosha, where’re you going?”

She turned around, the person who called her was Rui En, a male member of the tribe. Mosha had heard that it was Rui En who rescued her and brought her back to the tribe. Seeing his injured arm, she felt guilty. After all, it was him who had saved her and, yet she didn’t even bother thanking him properly.

When Mosha had just woken up, she was badly shocked. Busy accepting the atrocities of her new home, thanking her benefactor did not even cross her mind. After that, she was thrown to Qie Er Xi to be his partner. Subsequently, getting injured on their first night, she rested in bed for the following week. It had only been a few days since she recovered, and she was busy looking for seeds. Thus, she forgot about her benefactor and threw him to the back of her mind.

Mosha looked at Rui En with a guilty expression and said “Rui En, thank you for saving me, how’s your injury?”

Hearing this, Rui En laughed “this is nothing, there’s no need for thanks. Let me tell you a secret. Actually, my arm had healed long ago, I’m just pretending to be injured so that I can slack off. Please don’t tell the others.”

Mosha laughed and looked at his handsome and cute face that was paired with a set of golden eyes that looks like a half-moon. She had to admit that he was really gorgeous. If she had not seen him transform, she would not believe that he was a beast-man.

Speaking of which, Qie Er Xi was rather handsome too. Just that he had never smiled so gently at her. No, it could be said that he had never smiled at her before. When they were together, they only did two things. It was either ‘that’ or eating.

Looking at Mosha’s sadden expression, Rui En worriedly asked “what’s wrong? Did Qie Er Xi bully you?”

Rui En knew that Qie Er Xi had previously chosen a partner. However, due to the pressure exerted by the elders, he was forced to choose Mosha. Even if Qie Er Xi was displeased, it was not unexpected. However, he did not think that Qie Er Xi was tasteless enough to bully a female. If Qie Er Xi really did do so, he would unhesitatingly snatch Mosha away from him. Although Mosha looked different from the other ‘females’ in the tribe, she had an adorable and pitiful look, which made him want to embrace and protect her in his arms.

“No, no, he treats me really well.” Mosha hid her loneliness and flashed a smile. Qie Er Xi was her husband, as the saying goes ‘you cannot wash your dirty linen in public’. Regardless of how he treated her, she did not want outsiders to know.

Looking at the forced smile on Mosha’s face, Rui En was certain that his assumption was right. He was secretly determined to have a good talk with Qie Er Xi when he returned. Since Mosha had already become Qie Er Xi’s partner, he should treat her well.

Making his decision, he smiled to Mosha and said, “you have not told me where you’re heading.”

“I’m thinking of walking around to familiarize myself with the area and in the meantime, look for some wild fruit seeds.” Mosha replied honestly.

“If that’s so, let me accompany you. I’ve nothing to do anyway. Besides, I could bring you around, to familiarize yourself with the area.” Rui En laughed and invited himself along.

“Really? That’s great! Thanks, Rui En.”  Hearing that Rui En was willing to bring her around, Mosha was elated. After all, this was her first time leaving the village and she was afraid.

“There’s no need to be so courteous, protecting and caring for females is the duty of males.” Rui En patted his chest with an exaggerated action.

This made Mosha laugh.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. Is he the second lead,if yes than mosha should be with himmm.plzzzzz give some extra bonus of chapters,if you have time dear translator.

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    1. Oh yes he’s the second male lead. In the second arc, the author will be focusing more on him.
      I’m rather busy nowadays. I’ll only be able to upload more frequently in June 2018.

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  5. Hmmm, second male lead looks promising – gentle and caring. Still, hope he’s not the reason our girl gets into a fight with her scary husbanddd!

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  6. Is it okay for another male to accompany a mated female???
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