About Us

Hello peeps! We’re a fan based group doing Chinese->English translation for web novels. Our Project consist of only one novel thus far. We might consider taking on more novels when we have the time.

If there is any novel you would like us to translate, do leave us a comment and we will try our best to take on that project if possible.

Do make sure that the novel has already been dropped before recommending it to us. As a guideline, novels that has not been updated for 3 months are considered dropped  😉 !


If anyone is interested in translating your own novels (Not from Qidian) but does not want to host them on your own website due to cost of hosting…etc, feel free to contact me so that you can host them here. 😀

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi thaks for the new novel.Is there any regular schedule for the chapter?.Hard to escape or Hunting gor delicious wife after are the novels which have been dropped for so long .It really matches the angst and devil’s love to his rabbit and matches with your novel MBH which seeems promising and good .Hope you translate MBH till the end and goodluck for the further chapters 😄😄

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  2. Awesome! I’m excited to see your group’s work.
    I must say, I’m also impressed that your group decided to take on an R-18 novel. I feel that most translators get really shy and embarrassed reading and translating sexual scenes it makes it uncomfortable to type out, thus most seem to avoid novels containing light to heavy erotic scenes. I’m surprised a translation group decided to pick up the gantlet.
    Anyways, I’d like to make a novel recommendation. I’m hoping your group would be interested in this novel and maybe pick it up in the future. I first read the synopsis on shusheng bar and it sounded like a fun lighter version of Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor. Hopefully it will capture your interest too. It’s called In Search of Love 寻郎.
    The last site, Fuyu Neko updated it on 8/24/17 (according to novel updates). The novel is currently stated as dropped on Fuyu Neko site.
    I hope this novel is interesting, light hearted, and have plenty of scenes were the MCs get to work together, get to know each other and actually have a real romance instead of the usual trope of one falling in love with no real explanation and keep chasing the love interest. Basically, I hope the development of romance is realistic.
    Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to all of your group’s translation posts. If you’d like another helper, I would like to volunteer myself as a proofreader. I only speak English and Khmer; I can totally help out and correct simple English tense and grammar mistakes. Feel free to contact my email if you’d like more assistance.

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    1. Thanks for your recommendation! I might consider taking on this novel starting June 2018 (3mths sch break) if it still hasn’t been taken up by then. Also if you would like to be a proofreader for any story, do feel free to email us and we’ll discuss (as of now it’s not paid just to put it out there)😎

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  3. If you are not going to complete translating MBH could you let me know were i could get it to translate or if you would be OK with me translating for you?


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  5. Hi, thank you for all your hard work. I’m wondering if you will be continuing My Beastly Husband?


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